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Special Cranes

Cranes can be designed for almost any type of application, lifting and/or stacking by hook, grab, magnet, ladle or bucket. Operation can be manual, electrical, or combinations thereof.

Condra designs and manufactures:

  • Wire rope hoists and components – hoists and end-carriages
  • Overhead travelling cranes – single and double
  • Portal or semi-portal cranes
  • Portal or semi-portal bridge cranes
  • Cantilever cranes (pillar, jib and wall)

Overhead cranes are manufactured to specification from some 250 sub-assemblies, the main components being hoists, drives, end-carriages, brakes, gearboxes and motors. Condra makes all 250 sub-assemblies.

Hoists are manufactured in a number of standard models suited to most mining, industrial and general applications, from 1 to 500 tons.


Various capacity long-travel drives can be supplied to customer specification, in either single or double-girder configurations. There is also a choice of complete standard dual-speed end-carriages (variable speed is optional), individual drive and idler bogies from 125 to 630mm in diameter, drive/trailing wheels and associated components.

Double Girder

Your Preferred Option.

Condra’s double-girder overhead design provides an operating platform with greater stability, absolute lift precision and lifetime durability. Marginally more expensive in the short term, the initial purchase price is justified many times over during a vastly extended useful life. In the double-girder format is found industry’s ultimate lifting solution.

Single Girder

The Basic Solution.

Condra’s single-girder design delivers an overhead crane that is functional, durable and robust. It is a basic yet effective solution to many standard factory applications.

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