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In addition to designing and manufacturing complete cranes, Condra also provides the solution to any requirement for individual components.

Crane assemblers need no longer deal with many different suppliers when sourcing all the components they need for final assembly. Condra tailors components to any and all requirements, offering hoists, crabs, bottom blocks, end carriages, cable reel drums, cable-loop systems and enclosed conductor systems.

Various capacity long-travel drives can also be supplied to customer specification, in either single or double-girder configurations. There is a choice of complete standard dual-speed end carriages (variable speed is optional), individual drive and idler bogies 125 to 630mm diameter, drive/trailing wheels and associated components.

All components are available on short lead times direct from Condra’s Germiston factory. The focus is on the adaptability and robust design of a comprehensive range of standard components. Large stock holdings enable shorter lead times. Large production volumes of standard components mean that component prices are often much lower than those of rival firms.

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